18 thoughts on “this is what a survivor of sexual abuse looks like

  1. Tracy, this is stunningly beautiful. What a powerful message and means of expression. I admire you for the strength not only to overcome but to inspire and comfort others. Really well done, bravo.

  2. You are F@#$%^&* the most amazing brilliant and by far strongest woman I have met thus far. You are truly my hero and will always admire your strength as well as be enamoured by your soul. Thanks for being a Maverick and please always let me stand beside you..

    Brian B.

  3. Tracy this is an amazing message. Although I am not a survivor of sexual abuse, I am a survivor of mental and verbal. The negative emotions that were felt were one and the same though. You are truly an inspiration!

  4. Tracy you are amazing! You have this ability to draw people in. To help others see the brighter side. You are beautiful, strong & inspiring!

    As you can see from these wonderful truthful replies, you have such a gift..
    You inspire and encourage people with your Creativity. You are a true “warrior ”
    WE thank you for this wonderful gift you have given us here . Stay on your Path.


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  7. this is amazing…truly amazing. inspiring, beautiful, every bit of breathtaking. i think a lot of people can relate to this with their own struggles, even if they haven’t personally been a victim of sexual abuse. physical, verbal or self-abuse, eating disorders, depression, etc, I think that any of those things hits home to just about everybody.

    you are an inspiration to everybody!

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    • Thank you so much Terisa for your support and taking the time to share your encouraging words . It means a great deal . Tracy is a dear friend of mine and an incredible spirit 🙂

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