i swear. a lot.

i have a 22 pound cat.

mustard is my favorite condiment.

i believe in love.

talk to me: tracylaneisnotavirgin at gmail dot com

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Swearing is a given. I have a very heavy angora. Best egg-sandwich is horse-radish/mustard with red-hot, cheese & ham on wheat. Love is a given.
    Since I have worked with your sister, we’ve connected a few times. I’m doing mt homework, been stepping out for a while !!

  2. i swear a lot to.. mostly when I’m excited!! 🙂
    Or when driving in LA.. LOL!!
    BUT LOVE .., LOVE is EVERYTHING. its what connects us all:)
    Jeff that egg-sandwich sounds insane:)

  3. Ah, but there are swear words and there are swear words. For instance, F**K is a magnificent word meant for so very many occasions and such a delicious delight to say…
    Mine’s only 18 lbs but he’d probably be 22 if he didn’t have a sparky kitten in his life…
    Is butter a condiment?
    As for love, having just found the truest of my life, I understand now why people write poetry, simply saying “I love you” is totally inadequate…

    PS, just found you through a friend (Laurie O’Brien) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing.

  4. Hey, Tracy… I’m Georgia-from-Wednesday-morning’s husband, Jonno, and I have been following your writing…and, inspired, am trying my own damn blog. Check out buggeredasaboy.wordpress.blah blah blah, if you feel so inclined. Commonality, my dear Watson.

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